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Pallet and Cantilever Racking

At CDS Dock & Door, we prioritize efficiency and organization with our pallet racking solutions. Whether you require replacements or new installations, our offerings ensure a seamless transition, preserving the benefits you rely on. These advantages include optimized storage space utilization, improved inventory management with easy access to goods, and enhanced workplace safety through sturdy construction. Our pallet racking systems are customizable to fit the specific layout and requirements of your facility, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Full Selection of Vestil Manufacturing Equipment Offered Through CDS 

To ensure our customers get the highest quality products with as little lead time as possible CDS Dock & Door has partnered with Vestil Manufacturing for the best products on the market.

yellow pallet guard with holes in the bottom

Rack Gaurds

Rack guards provide sturdy protection for pallet racks, safeguarding against collisions and impacts from forklifts or other equipment in industrial environments.

blue cantilever racking with orange arms

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking efficiently stores long and bulky items, optimizing space utilization and enhancing organization in warehouses and distribution centers.

blue pallet racking with orange beams and blue containers on it

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking efficiently organizes and stores goods, optimizing space utilization and enhancing workflow in warehouses and distribution centers.

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