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Dock Levelers

At CDS Dock & Door, we prioritize efficiency and safety with our dock leveler solutions. Whether you need replacements or new installations, our offerings ensure a seamless transition, maintaining the benefits you rely on. These advantages include enhanced safety for personnel and equipment during loading and unloading, improved workflow efficiency with smooth transitions between dock and truck, and increased productivity through reliable performance. Our dock levelers are customizable to fit various dock configurations, ensuring optimal functionality for your facility's specific requirements. 

Full Selection of Pioneer Loading Dock Equipment Offered Through CDS 

To ensure our customers get the highest quality products with as little lead time as possible CDS Dock & Door has partnered with Pioneer Loading Dock Equipment for the best products on the market.

Edge of dock leveler with orange frames and molded dock bumpers

Pioneer Series ED

Boost productivity and safety at your loading dock with North Star's series 6000 a resilient dock shelter built to withstand harsh weather and ensure a secure work environment.

gray hydraulic dock leveler with yellow side

Pioneer Series Smart+ HP

Mechanical dock levelers offer cost-effective bridging for trucks and loading docks, ensuring smooth material transfer from trailer to  and enhancing safety and efficiency.

full gray mechanical dock leveler

Pioneer Series M

Smart hydraulic dock levelers enhance safety by automating adjustments for precise alignment, reducing accidents, and improving workflow, efficiency, and security.

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