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Dock Communication

At CDS Dock & Door, we understand the crucial role of communication in dock operations. Our systems prioritize efficiency and safety, seamlessly coordinating interactions between personnel and truck drivers. With clear loading procedures, they enhance productivity and foster a safer environment. Trust our solutions for smooth, efficient dock operations, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Full Selection of Pioneer Loading Dock Equipment Offered Through CDS 

To ensure our customers get the highest quality products with as little lead time as possible CDS Dock & Door has partnered with Pioneer Loading Dock Equipment for the best products on the market.

yellow rectangle sign with black words

Dock Signs

Dock signs display important safety instructions and guidelines for drivers and personnel at loading docks, ensuring clear communication and enhancing safety.

yellow light fixture with red and green lights

Dock Lights

Dock stop lights signal to drivers when it's safe to stop their vehicles for loading or unloading at the dock, enhancing safety and efficiency in the process.

orange panel with control buttons

Complete Dock Control

Complete dock control systems integrate various components such as dock levelers, bumpers, seals, and restraints, ensuring efficient and safe operations at the dock.

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