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Access Control

At CDS Dock & Door, we prioritize security and efficiency in our access control solutions. Whether you need replacements or new installations, our offerings guarantee a smooth transition, preserving the benefits you trust. These advantages encompass heightened security measures for controlled access, streamlined operations leading to increased productivity, and comprehensive protection against unauthorized entry. Our access control systems are versatile and customizable to suit the unique needs of your facility.

Full Selection of Access Control Equipment Offered Through CDS 

To ensure our customers get the highest quality products with as little lead time as possible CDS Dock & Door has the best access control products on the market.

white motions sensor on white background

Motion Detection

Motion detection systems utilize sensors to detect movement within a specified area, providing enhanced security and efficiency in industrial and commercial settings.

door handle with black keypad on it

Smart Locks

Smart locks utilize advanced technology to provide secure and convenient access control in industrial and commercial environments, allowing remote operation and monitoring via smartphones or other devices.

black keypad with silver cover plate and silver numbers

Keypad Access

Keypad access systems provide secure entry to industrial and commercial facilities, allowing authorized personnel to enter PIN codes for convenient and controlled access.

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